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About the Artist

Moly is the artist's nickname, which is also used by her to sign all her paintings, if you are interested, the real name is Amal Rashed.


Moly’s journey with painting and drawing started since she was a child as she grew up in a home that was full of her father’s paintings. Moly started to draw portraits for everyone in her family and for her friends using pencil shades. One day her school art teacher gifted her an oil paintings kit as a recognition for her talent, since then, her passion of oil paintings has begun.

Moly is an oil painting artist, who is inspired by the nature around her, she has the passion to capture and reflect the beauty of lights and colours in her paintings, and mixing compositions to highlight the unseen details in the amazing nature. 

Moly chose Vancouver, BC as her home. She participated in different exhibitions in and outside Canada, and she is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.


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